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Before & After Photos of My Entryway Decor Update

Kayd Roy18 Comments
YES!  I can check this project off my to-do list! I love that feeling :) 
It's been a few weeks since Alex updated our back entryway with beadboard which led to my urge to redecorate... or really I guess decorate since it looked empty & bland before.  Take a look at the space now!
The last addition to the space was a new wall mirror.  Most of you agreed in the comments from the beadboard post that we needed a new mirror, badly.  I was happy to find this round gold framed mirror at Home Goods for $29.99. 
 Since I had a black and white kind of theme going on in the space, I wanted to incorporate black somehow with the mirror.  So, instead of just mounting it flush to the wall Alex and I got a black wall hook and chain from Home Depot to hang the mirror from. Both items together cost about $6.00.
 Alex screwed the hook into the wall and attached the chain to both of the triangle hanging hooks on the back of the mirror, then simply hung the mirror on the hook.  Marvelous!!!
 I love how the black chain & hook adds a unique design element to the mirror and coordinates with the theme in the space.  It's just fun right???  Speaking of fun, I have to say the mirror looks sophisticated on our wall... but when Alex got the chain on the mirror and said it was ready to put on the wall I took one glance at it and screamed, "WAIT!  It looks like a big Flavor Flav necklace!!!  I have to wear it!" and so I did...
I couldn't help myself and I've been saying "Yeeeeeah Boyeeeee!" for couple days now, haha!

Okay, back to business.  Here's another look at the mirror further back.
Adding the black and white contrast really helped get rid of that blah look from before...
I also love how my DIY West Elm Rug coordinates back to my Smith & Hawken chalkboard basket from Target...
Below is another before and after look at the hooks turned hat/train rack...
 The latest Pottery Barn catalog inspired me to add some decor to the top shelf which ended up coordinating back to the wall mirror nicely.
Now for dramatic effect, here is the space before & after the beadboard update...
And a side by side of then and now...
A bit more detailed and thoughtfully designed right?  The best part is that the cost for this decor update totalled under $50! 
Oh, did you notice that I finally found a way to reunite my DIY Chair Pair?

I might have to show you an update of that little sunroom space if you are interested too?

What do you think of the updated entryway space?
Which DIY update is your favorite?
How have you added storage or updated your entryway?

Here are the links to all the projects used to update our entryway: