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Head Over Heels Friday: A Perfectly Matched DIY Chair Pair!

Kayd Roy2 Comments
You might remember a few Fridays ago when I wrote about finding my chair's long lost twin.  Well, it took me a while to finish chair #2's redo but it is finally done!  Now, I have a beautiful matching set totally worthy of my Head Over Heels honor this week! Not bad for spending just $20 on both, score!
Here's a 'before' look of chair #2 on the left.  I picked up the first chair on the right over a year ago and refurbished it.  I had no idea there was an identical chair and I am so happy I found it!
 In the last post, I showed the chair looking like this after tearing away the icky upholstery.
 After that, the rest of the redo was pretty much the same as the first (click here for tutorial steps), but I did do one thing differently.  For the first chair, I only used a layer of foam on the seat and then covered with fabric.  It turned out fine, but I had wished that the foam under the fabric looked a bit smoother.  So, this time I added in a layer of polyester batting and it did the trick to smooth it out! Here's a few pictures of that step...
 It was pretty simple and then all I had to do was cover the seat with fabric using a staple gun.  As you can see I didn't end up using a different fabric/ pattern on the chairs. It seemed like most of those who commented on that thought I should keep the same look and I am glad I did! 

 It turned out just as nice as the first chair and I still love that neutral look. Makes it easier to update their look just by adding colorful pillows!

 Here's another look side by side.  They look perfect in our house and compliment the white wood trim nicely.
 But the sad thing is that with the way our Living Room is laid out, they don't really fit side by side without looking awkward in the space. 

So for now we have one in the Living Room (as shown in the recent photos from our last post) and the other is in the Sunroom which is through the arch at the end of our Living Room....
Eventually we might rearrange things again and figure out how to fit them together. But for now, I'm thinking they look just fine where they are.

Are you Head Over Heels for this chair redo times two?!?!  Who doesn't like a nice looking pair... of chairs??? LOL!

I have to get moving on that other (and more challenging) chair redo this weekend.  Hope I can get that bad boy done too!  Have a great weekend everybody and stay cool!