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Another Classic Update for a Vintage Stool

Kayd Roy1 Comment
I totally wasn't planning on doing this, but after updating our wall hooks in our back entryway space I just had to give my vintage stool the same classic treatment!
I'm loving the updated look!  The stool no longer disappears into the beadboard Alex installed earlier this summer with the new black and white contrast.  It also makes a perfect accent for our Pottery Barn inspired DIY Coat/ Hat Rack across from it in our back entryway space.
It looks so much more special in black and white doesn't it? 
I kind of wondered why I didn't think of this before, or even when I originally refurbished the stool when it looked like this...
Wowza!  Crazy that is the same little stool, just like the one my grandma had :) 
Like I said, loving the classic black and white touches so far.  I know finishing up the back entryway update has been a slow-go for me but I hope to have the 'afters' posted soon!