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September Head Over Heels Friday: Fall Idea Shopping at Bachman's Fall Idea House

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Get ready, it is time for Bachman's 2012 Fall Idea House!   This fall house features "Cool Trends for Fall Gatherings" focusing on celebrating the season with friends, family, and pets- trust me, the pets part is a must see!.  (Click here to check out the Fall 2011 Idea House).  How perfect that the Idea House timing fit right in my September "Fall Idea Shopping" theme?!?!

Once again, here is the background information on the Idea House just in case:
Bachman's is a Floral and Gift Garden here in Minneapolis, and their Idea House was their original founder's house built in the 1920's. The company now uses the house for their seasonal Idea House creating entirely new rooms for each of the four seasons. Everything about each room is different for each season's idea house, right down to the paint on the walls. When you enter the house you get a brochure that lists all the details for each room including the paint color and 'ideas'.  The cool part- everything in each room is for sale!

Let's kick things off outside this time, I will list all the Ideas at the end of each room. Go!

Wall flowers made from burlap wreaths, wheat and honeysuckle vine; Hanging wicker balls with pumpkins as tree decor; Sunkist cart as planter; Tires lines with burlap as planters; Bedspring as wall planter


Wood planks pieced together as a rug; Beer bottle chandelier; Artwork framed with bottle caps; Bottle caps with magnets as curtain clips; Dish towels as curtains; Kegs as stools; Beer tap/keg made from old trunk.

Wicker ball filled with florals hung with burlap as door decor

Dining Room

Outdoor lanterns turned into table lamps; Drum shade embellished with stems and wicker balls; Candle holders as place cards; Wooden spools as candle holders; Cinnamon sticks as floral decor; Metal panels as window treatments; Fall stems as napkin rings.


Metal rolling cart as wall shelf; Plant stands as stools; Vintage trunk as wall organizer; Curtain rods made from salvaged wood and hooks with dishtowels as window treatments; Galvanized baskets as towel holder/organizer; Salvaged metal stand as center island; Hanging starter vases filled with gems as chandelier decor; Floral vase as utensil holder; Cupboard walls lined with tablecloth.

Living Room

Conveyer belt as coffee table; Shelving unit made from salvaged metal and wood; Galvanized planters used as wall shelves and cubbies; Whiskey barrel straps as firewood holder; Planter box with added frames along radiator; Fireplace planter made from a window box; Floor and table lamps made from metal and burlap shades; Optometrist table as wine bar; Wine glasses embellished with twine and fall leaves; Wine bag embellished with stems and wine stopper.


Room divider made from a pallet and iron panel; Metal garden orb and decorative candle holder added to chandelier; Wine balls as finials; Candles embellished with twine and pins; Radiator drip tray as planter base filled with rocks.

Farm discs as wall art magnet board; Metal vase turned into table lamp; Chandelier embellished with wicker balls; Assorted cabinet doors as wall art; Wood spools as vases; Glass cabinet door as photo frame; Vases added to window for hanging art.

Dog Room

Dog bone chandelier; "Doggy Day Times" placemat as wall art; Key chains as window embellishments; Metal dog bowls turned into wall mirrors; Dog bed made from an upside-down table and an old chair; Dog bowl dish holder as wall sconces; Vegetable garden raised bed base and metal topiary as doggy cabana; Done done shaped pool; Dog bowls stacked as side table; Dog bone topiaries made from foam and moss.


Changing table made from a buffet; Cloth diapers used as organization pockets; Salvage metal turned into a wall shelf; Mobile made from a branch and origami birds; Bird wall art made from nails and colored yarn; Salvaged wood, rope, and clips as photo holders; Ceiling shade embellished with safety pins; Stickers on mirrors as word art.

Master Bedroom

Headboard made from doors; Wall mirror used as wall shelf; Cork tiles under glass for side table; Candle holder as vase; Window treatments across entire wall.

Upstairs Bath

Bark panel wallpaper; Leaves framed as wall art; Napkin holder as toilet paper holder; Shower curtain embellished by flower magnets; Wire baskets as towel holders; Stems between windows as fall decor; Candle tray as wall shelf.


Desk made from old doors and fabric; Crates as wall unit and magnet board; Salvaged metal tray as pegboard; File holder as wall planter; Wood planter box as ceiling pendant; Chalkboards as file box labels; Metal panels as window treatments; Wooden spools as drapery finials.


Faux fireplace scene made from tarpaper and chalk; Centerpiece made from a galvanized trough; Placecard holders made from mini-lanterns; Leather doors and tissue backdrop as wall art; Witches brooms in planters; Mummy hands as lantern holders; Napkin rings made from skull bracelets; Halloween rings and decals added to wine glasses.

Phew!  Tons of decorating ideas right?  Which ideas were you Head Over Heels for?  I know I am loving the outdoor decor, the dining room tablescape, the trunk turned keg/tap (we have a trunk we've been looking for ideas for, oh boy!), the nursery with the cute wall mirrors, the skeleton centerpiece, and the dog room.... oh that dog room was crazy fun!  I do love it, but not enough to execute something that crazy in our house :)

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PLEASE NOTE: In case you didn't read the top of the post, I just want to reiterate that this IS NOT OUR HOUSE and I am not employed or affiliated with Bachman's in any way (which means I did not decorate the rooms shown). I am a HUGE fan of the Ideas House and love sharing it as long as they allow people take photographs when they visit. It seems some people have been confused about that and I would NEVER want to take credit for something I did not work on. There, I feel better now :)

Hope you found some inspiration, thanks for stopping by!

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