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August Head Over Heels Friday #4: "DIY-Ikea" Creations

Kayd Roy4 Comments
This week's DIY-Ikea Creation is something I made for our back entryway update!  Check out the 'before' and 'after' action on our plain old Ikea wall hooks...
After reading through suggestions and thinking about the decor plan, I realized the whole space looked really washed out and bland. Breaking up the space using black as a bold contrast sounded like the perfect idea! You can't go wrong with classic black and white, right?!?!

I did a little google search for a black coat rack/ hat rack and found these train racks from Pottery Barn.  Aren't they amazing?!?  I was so in love with the idea, but of course the $199.99 price wasn't within our budget.
It didn't take me long to come up with a plan for making our own DIY version from the existing Ikea wall hooks. We simply added two black wall brackets from Menard's above on each end, added a painted wood shelf cut to fit (free from our basement scrap pile), and painted the white wall hook board black to match.
The wall hooks transformed into a coat and hat rack by spending under $10!  It also helped fill up the bland looking space on that wall. 
*I still want to figure out how to add a small mirror onto it like the Pottery Barn version!*

Now I just need to update the wall mirror in that space and get a new doormat/rug.  Then the entryway will be looking fabulous!  I'm already geeked about how this black and white contrast is turning out!  So, what do you think of this DIY-Ikea Creation?!?!  Head Over Heels too???

Phew we are almost done with our August theme, only one more to go!  Makes me realize I need to get on choosing next month's theme...

Do you have a good idea/suggestions for September's Head Over Heels Friday Theme?!?!  Let me know!