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DIY West Elm Diamond Jute Rug

Kayd Roy5 Comments
I am so excited to share this *genius* (and last) DIY project for our back entryway update.  I took a plain old 2' x 3' jute accent rug and turned it into a twin version of West Elm's Diamond Applique Jute Rug...
Here is a photo of the actual rug which retails for $29.99 (for 2'x3') - $279.99.  Ours turned out just like it right?!?!  I was so happy with it and it was super easy to make! 
All I did was tape off the section I wanted to paint black using blue painters tape.  I measured to make the diamond 3.5" wide.  It was a little tricky at each end of the diamond shape since it gets wider, but you'll get it.
 Once my diamond shape was taped off, I grabbed black fabric paint and a foam brush to paint with.
 The painting part was pretty simple but...
 With the braided texture of the jute, I had to press the foam brush down into some of the grooves of the braid to ensure full coverage of the black diamond.  I was also careful around the border of the diamond shape making sure paint wasn't glopping under the painters tape.
 I let it dry for about four hours since I coated the fabric paint on pretty thick in a few spots.  Then, I started to take the tape off.  Check out that perfect edge!!!
 I was sooooo happy with it!!!! 
I ended up waiting over night before actually placing it on our floor just to make sure the paint was set and wouldn't get ruined by foot (or paw) traffic.
This DIY project was so easy and I am so proud of how it looks!  I really loved the West Elm rug and glad I took a stab at making my own at zero cost since we had all the supplies needed.
I want to make another one!!!  Maybe monogrammed with a "Z"?!?!  We'll see!

What do you think of my West Elm-like creation?
Do you feel inspired to make your own too?

*We're hanging a mirror in the back entryway today, then I will have all the 'after' photos ready!*