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My Spooky "Zombie" Inspired Dining Room Decor and A Freebie!!!

Kayd Roy3 Comments
After my trip to Donny Dirk's Zombie Den last week, a creepy transformation happened in our dining room just in time for Halloween...
I only planned on making a couple spooky updates to the fall sideboard decor, but I had waaaaayy to many fun ideas after seeing all the zombie-fied decor at Donny Dirks!  So, I kind of went bananas and got REALLY into decorating our dining room for Halloween. 

The only items I bought were all from Target including string lights, eyeballs, plastic bones, spiders, rats, faux spider webbing, decorative bloody & black gauze, and a mini skull.  The total came to around $25, not too bad.  Everything else I used came from around the house. BUT I did make a couple things that I will highlight as we take a closer look....

Here is our hurricane glass centerpiece on the dining room table.
I used 3 drippy/old looking candles and surrounded them with eyeballs, spiders, skeleton hands, and wine corks.
Above the table, I covered our pendant light with spider webs and spiders.  So simple and it looks so icky and fun!
Over on the sideboard...
 I covered it with the black gauze to start. Then I stacked a couple 'poison jars' filled with candy on top of a large old hard cover book with candles behind.  Oh, and more spider webs of course.
Do you like the Poison Labels??? 
They are one of the things I made, love how they turned out!

Along the other side sits our mini chalkboard complete with a Halloween appropriate menu (created by Alex) which sits on top of my vintage cosmetics case- and I love the little skeleton hands trying to creep out!
In the center is where our wine rack sits (we never really move it).  I added the vintage window's peak, faux skull, and covered the rest with lots of spider webs!
Behind the sideboard I added purple string lights for a lighting effect similar to what they did at Donny Dirks.

A few of the other fun little details to mention...

I added in some of those torn stacked books wrapped in twine and covered them with spider webs. I also used one of our vintage grave markers to sit along the window sill (and just below the bloody gauze window shades)!

I got a kick out of adding in the little hidden rat by the wine rack (center photo).  Alex let me use a couple of his empty homebrew bottles to add in my vintage wire basket along with a pumpkin.  I had to add some poison labels to those as well! Lastly, I made some dead flowers out of fake flowers we had in the basement, just had to coat them with black spray paint.  So easy, and they are just like the ones at Donny Dirks

What do you think? 
Fun? Spooky? Crazy?

Perhaps all the above?  But I can't wait to hang out with friends in this spooky space!

***Now to the FREEBIE!***

It's my first freebie ever here on the blog too (so it's extra special)!
I loved the poison labels I made so much that I thought I would share them!
 Just click, save, print, and add onto whatever you would like for Halloween!


I'm having too much fun getting ready for Halloween just as a warning :) Stay tuned for some more Halloween themed posts!