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"Sadie Urkel" and Her Glass Bustin' Booty

Kayd Roy3 Comments
This post mainly features a simple DIY tutorial for a broken glass pane door.  However, since our ample bottomed pup Sadie caused the damage, I had to have a little fun with this post at her expense! WARNING: to understand some of the quotes/references you would have to be familiar with the 1990's sitcom Family Matters (and Steven Q. Urkel).

 Here it goes!
On a lovely Saturday afternoon, Sadie and our smaller pup Rocco were happily & innocently playing together. Then, the fun took an ugly and unexpected turn.... Suddenly, in a swift, sharp movement, Sadie swung her 65lb booty right into our beautiful (and original) glass paned door. "-SHATTER-" Alex and I quickly ran over to find our two pups and a broken pane of glass (sorry, no photos from the scene of the crime).

Sadie had this "Did I do that?" look on her face that totally reminded me of Steve Urkel (this is where the goofiness begins). Then she shot Rocco a "Look what you did" glance in hopes we wouldn't pin her as the culprit (nice try, but no dice considering Rocco's head doesn't reach the height of the glass).

We were bummed, but thankful there wasn't a scratch on either pup! Broken glass is scary!

After we assessed the situation, Sadie looked over at Alex and said "Hey, Big Guy"..."You could fix this!".  Alex obliged with a "No sweat, my pet."

The Big Guy (Alex) started by taking out the wood trim around that once housed the now broken glass pane, using a box knife and screw driver. Alex made sure to be careful as he lifted each piece of trim in order to prevent further damage.
  He repeated those steps along all four sides of the frame.  With the trim removed from one side of the pane, we were ready to install the new pane of glass.

We picked up the new pane of glass at North End Hardware right here in North Minneapolis. They have a glass repair shop in house and they cut a 8.5" x 13.0" piece for me right there on the spot! No ordering, no waiting.... I highly recommend them if you are local and need any glass repair. Even better? The new pane of glass only cost us $3.00!!!  Alex added Dap's Clear Glass and Window Adhesive around the frame, then carefully added the new glass into place.
Lastly, Alex cleaned up any excess adhesive that ended up on the glasss and added the old trim back in.

This DIY fix is complete!!! 

Now I just need to get out some touch up paint and Windex :) Lots of finger prints and puppy nose smudges to clean up! Thankfully, the little door to our little entryway room/ space is now whole again!

So, after the door was all fixed up, Sadie knew she was back in our good graces stating, "You love me, don't you," and "I'm wearin' you down baby.  I'm wearin' you dowwwwwwn!"  She was so overjoyed that she even wanted to play some Polka music and had the nerve to ask....
Okay, okay, no more Steve Urkel references- can you tell I was a TGIF fan back in the day (or that I may have spent too much time on Photoshop this weekend)?  Oh well, I loved Family Matters!

Hope some of you out there got a laugh out of this one!  Happy Monday!
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