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A Simple Fall Sideboard Update Using A Few Favorite Antiques

Kayd Roy4 Comments
Wow!  It is practically mid October already?!?  I feel behind on this, but I wanted to show the fall sideboard decor that I finished up over the weekend (before I need to make some spooky Halloween themed changes).  I didn't do any crafty DIY projects on this like I did for the fall mantel.  This actually came together very easily thanks to a few of my favorite antiques!  I love coming up with new looks and ways to use my smaller antiques around the house!

Our sideboard is divided by our wine rack (check our House Tour tab for a look at the Dining Room) so here's a look to the right...
Here I have the small vintage cosmetic case that I picked up last year at Junk Bonanza. Totally fits that rustic fall look right? On top I have a couple more torn books stacked with faux leaves and a mini wicker pumpkin.
Next to the vintage case, I have the "Z" bookend Alex's mom found for us at an antique shop along with one of the vintage light bulb/ socket covers from the Creative Co-Op.
Then over on the left side...
I have another vintage light bulb/ socket cover resting on my antique measuring stick.  Behind, I have our mini chalkboard (see how I made it for $5 here) and a lantern from Ikea.
That's it! Simple updates with a fall themed twist on my most loved antiques! 

I'm thinking I might spice it up a bit more this weekend as we get closer to Halloween!
 There is one creepy Halloween addition already!  This vintage widow's peak (also from Junk Bonanza) that was in the Guest Room.
Fun and spooky!!! 
Can't wait to get started on more!

See you Friday for Head Over Heels! I've been working on something very special!