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The 6th Annual Pumpkin Carving Challenge! You Decide Who Takes The Title!

Kayd Roy18 Comments
As the Halloween themed fun continues, it is once again time for the ultimate grudge match pinning husband against wife....

It's the Annual Pumpkin Carving Challenge!

Alex and I have carved Halloween pumpkins every year since we started dating, and to make it more interesting it became a competition.  Even though this is our 6th time doing it, our challenge made it's first appearance last year on the blog.  I had declared myself the winner last year by default (since I was writing the post).  This year, Alex and I thought it would be fun to let our Halloween spirited readers decide!

(We won't reveal who carved which one until the winning pumpkin is determined)


Which carved pumpkin is giving the other a knock-out punch for design?

In this corner weighing in at.............."GALLOWS"!

In the opposite corner..... "CHOMPS"!
(We had to come up with names, Pumpkin A and B sounded so boring)

Will CHOMPS take the winning bite? Or will GALLOWS tighten the noose?

Really, we want to hear it in our comments (even on our Facebook page too)!  The stakes are pretty high, with the loser having to plan and execute our next date night. Okay, that's not that high, but just so you know what we are wagering on the outcome :)

Hope you'll let us know what you think in the comments!  See you tomorrow for Head Over Heels Friday!