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Our Salvaged Door Turned DIY Headboard

Kayd Roy11 Comments
At last.... It has been built! Our Master Bedroom Redo continues on!
Yes, after letting the salvaged door I picked up sit around for a total of two months we can finally say that it is no longer a door- It's a headboard baby, yea!!!
You saw that coming right?  Sorry I couldn't help myself :)

We decided that the 5-panel door needed some style added to it before we mounted it as a headboard.  After an hour long (no joke, an HOUR long) debate in Home Depot over the type of trim to add, we came to a final decision! Here's how we spruced up our headboard creation using 3 pieces of decorative trim along with the framing....

Alex started by framing in the top (when door is rotated for the headboard), then the left and right sides using cut 2x3's.  Then he countersunk and pre-drilled pilot holes in order to use wood screws to attach the framing to the door. 
Next, he cut a piece of crown moulding to attach along the top of the door (headboard) and added decorative endcaps at end side. 
The last step was adding a 1x6 piece of select pine across the top.  The pine, crown moulding, and endcaps were attached using Loctite powergrab and finishing nails.
This is how the door headboard should look once you are done building.  After that it's ready for the final refinishing steps.
We did some sanding, added wood filler where needed, and added a fresh coat of paint. 

We anxiously waited for it to dry and when it finally did, we happily attached it to our bed frame!   A lot of oooh-ing and awww-ing followed :) 

I'm loving how the headboard is shaping up.  I think it now has a similar look to Pottery Barn's Addison Headboard which retails for $499.00-$599.00.
 Our creation has cost us about $100 total including the door, framing wood, and decorative trims!  So much better than spending "1 billion, gagillion, fafillion, shabolubalu million illion yillion dollars at Pottery Barn... right Mr. Bigglesworth Pigglesworth?"
Hmmm, too far?  Rocco (aka Piggy) would be offended I am sure :)

What do you think of our headboard creation so far?

See you tomorrow for a very happy edition of Head Over Heels Friday!
PS- I have no idea why I had Austin Powers stuck in my head today.  It's as strange to me as you probably think it is! Ha!