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Head Over Heels Friday: Mama's Happy Occasional Shop

Kayd Roy4 Comments
It's Friday, time to get happy because I am going to share my newest Head Over Heels "happy place" with you!

A couple weeks ago, I got an email from my new blog friend Renee inviting me to a local occasional shop called "Mama's Happy".   After checking out their website, I was totally intruiged!  The shop is "chock full of beautifully displayed handcrafted, upcycled, repurposed and altogether dazzling home goods and gifts created by an eclectic group of bragainistas and artists."
Owner and resident "Mama" Amanda Ficek is the brains behind this fabulous shop. She brought together a creative group of women that share a passion for beautiful home decorating on a budget and enjoying each other's creative company.  Sounds like a place you'd love to go to, right? 

I totally felt that vibe when I stopped by for my first visit.  Not only did I love the shopping, but I also had a blast chatting with some of the shop owners and felt that connection of "you're obsessed with home decor, ME TOO!!!!!!!!!"  To top the experience off, the shop is in this historic creamery, so neat!
Their next occasional shop is open May 9th- 13th, and you bet-cher buns I will be there opening day! I got a tip from one of the shop owners that the 1st Wednesday of their occasional shop is when the best goodies are up for sale, and they serve wine too!  Talk about a girls night out!

Alright, now here's some sights from my first visit to Mama's Happy!  Enjoy!

Gorgeous, beautiful, and inspiring right?!?!  Kudos to all the shop owners, I was indeed dazzled by your creativity and eye-catching displays!

So what did I bring home? 
It was tough, and I still want that antique gold framed mirror (3rd picture from the top of this post)...  If someone hasn't snagged it yet I might need to get it at the next shop... and I'm willing to hair pull if necessary... (JK)!  But yes, it was tough and I was trying to be good so I only brought home these two vintage hat boxes.
They're cute, fun and super girly... perfect for the next room I am going to attack with a redo!  Makes you curious right?  Wa-ha-ha (evil laugh), you'll have to wait and see!

Well, were you Head Over Heels for Mama's Happy too?

If you are a local, have you shopped Mama's Happy yet?

Thank you again Renee, so glad I know about this local treasure!

Have a great weekend everyone!  I'll be slapping some paint on our DIY headboard ASAP!  Can't wait to share the final look!