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The Master Bedroom Redo Is Complete! Time for the Reveal!

Kayd Roy26 Comments
At last!  It is time to reveal our Master Bedroom 'afters'Are you ready?!? 
Of course you are!  Here we go...
Well, what do you think? It has been a long road getting this finished up, so let's do a quick review of the DIY's that got us here.

We kicked off this project back in January when we finally chose a paint color and painted the room.  It felt so great to get rid of that green!
 I sewed up our own  window treatments (which I've added a lining to)...
Then updated a few thing we already owned with some spray paint to get that antique look...
Added in some artwork that captured our imagination (Georges Melies anyone?)...
And sewed up a few decorative accents with my thrift store fabric finds.
But the biggest to-do by far for our bedroom was Alex's DIY door turned headboard...
Man, oh man, I still can't get over how great that turned out!!!

We also changed out the feet on our Ektorp chair and ottoman in order to class it up a bit or again "un-Ikea-fy" it (we haven't shared that tutorial yet, but will later this week).
PS- that's the Magic Carpet I mentioned in my Friday post!

Phew, it has been a long road but I am so happy we now have a space that feels like ours and reflects our style as a couple (that part wasn't easy!).  

Now, I am pooped.... time for bed!!! 
Hmmm, that grown-up looking bedroom feels sooooo good!

What do you think of our Master Bedroom Redo?
Are you digging it?
Is it what you thought it might be?  Or totally different?