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Salvage Scores for the Master Bedroom!

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What a weekend!  I'm happy to report that I got a lot of rest Friday night and was able to get some necessary shopping and other to-do's finished for the Master Bedroom Project.  The highlight was going out to a couple of my favorite local salvage stores where I found exactly what we needed!  Luck was totally on my side thankfully!

My first stop was Bauer Brothers Salvage
Even though we discovered the original door in our basement was too rotted/ brittle to use for our headboard idea, I knew I still had my heart set on that look (and most of you agreed with that too!).  I knew I wouldn't have a problem finding one at Bauer Brothers, and boy I was totally right... 
After sifting through a sea of salvaged doors, I started finding my way according to type of door.  They had just about every style you can imagine.  The old door in our basement (along with all of the doors in our house) is a single panel style.  I was going to get the exact same thing, but I ended up falling in love with this horizontal five panel style door.  I thought once it is flipped on it's side it would make a perfect and more formal looking headboard.
I was able to bargain a little with them and got the door for only $40! I was happy with that considering we sold our other bedframe for $90, so still under budget! With that, I mentioned in our last post how we had our mattress + boxspring "chilling on the floor" after we were able to sell our metal bedframe.  My good friend Betsy immediately emailed me and offered up a brand new in the box metal frame (holds the boxspring under the bed). 
Alex and I actually had that type of frame from when we bought our mattress set, but got rid of it when we got that other bedframe (stupid!). I thought we would have to buy that kind of frame from a mattress store so of course I was very happy and thankful she offered this up!  Betsy, major Hammers and High Fives :)

My next salvage score had to do with our Hemnes dresser from Ikea along with...
... the coordinating Hemnes nightstands.  I had already mentioned this in our inspiration post, but I wanted to take off the hardware and update it with something a bit more antique looking in a gold finish.
I know some of you might think I am crazy, and no, I am not going to replace all the hardware in our house with gold & brass... that would be yucky.  But I am totally loving that formal/ antique feel you get when you use little touches of gold.  (Check out this link if you need to see what I am talking about).

Now, I was pretty sure I wouldn't find anything gold/ brass finish hardware that I liked at a basic home improvement store, it is pretty clear that everyone has moved away from that look.  So my next salvage stop was to head to Guilded Salvage where they have an amazing assortment of antique cabinet hardware.

The hard part was that I needed 12 or 14 of the same cabinet knob.  Not an easy task when the assortment comes in limited numbers, but I found what I needed in the "miscellaneous" bin!  I dug through and found 12 matching distressed gold knobs for the dresser and then another set of 2 for the nightstands! 
(Sorry the photo is a bit blurry)
Since I dug them out of the "miscellaneous" bin, they were only 50 cents each!  So, for the 14 knobs I spent just over $9 with tax. Woo-hoo!

With those errands complete we are moving ahead with all the redo to-do's!
What do you think of my salvage scores? 
Liking the new door style for the headboard?

Hope everyone has a lovely Valentine's Day tomorrow! 
The hubby planned out something special for the day and I still have no idea what we are doing. I love surprises but they kind of drive me nuts because I hate secrets.  I just hope there is food involved, especially cheese and chocolate :) Cheers!