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Pumpkin Carving and a Halloween Fail

Kayd Roy5 Comments
Happy Halloween everybody!
Alex and I just barely fit in our Annual Pumpkin Carving challenge for this year (click to see 2010 and 2011).  I can't believe it is our 7th one!  I know it's kind of a cheesy post but it's special to Alex and I and it's been fun to look back on since we've done it every year since our blog started. Hope you find it kind of fun too!?!?  (If not, you scroll to the end to see my Halloween Fail at least)
Now, I have to say I'm glad pumpkin carving only comes around once a year, I hate the gross pumpkin guts part....
 We've done this contest each year to see who carves the better pumpkin and not to brag or anything, but I have been victorious for the last two :)  

Regardless of the contest, I look forward to sitting across from my hubby and carving pumpkins every year! 
It was still fun this time, but Alex and I both struggled a little bit with our pumpkins and got a little less competitive with the whole contest thing -but- I still think my "Hee-Haw" pumpkin was a little more sassy than Alex's "Sparky" pumpkin.
Alex definitely wins though for the most creepy photo bomb...Did you notice him in that photo?!?!

Last on the Halloween topics is my big FAIL over the weekend.  Alex and I were invited to a costume party by a co-worker.  Since we didn't dress up at all last year I thought it'd be fun to go and I REALLY wanted to dress up 60's disco style complete with a big blonde Afro.  Yes, believe it or not there is a DIY tutorial out there for a "Big Blonde Afro" and I was dying to try it!  Sadly the night of the party this happened instead....
The Afro of my dreams didn't work :(

In it's place was Jessie Spano's hair from 1992 or depending on how you look at it, Kenny G's (shutter).
Yep, it was a total bummer.  I had to tame my hair and pull together a new costume an hour before the party.  Oh well though, there's always next year right?!?

Did anyone else have a Halloween costume fail too?  What was it?
Well, we're getting ready to pass out some candy.  We ran out early last year but I feel well armed with 160 pieces this time!  Hope everyone has a safe and fun Halloween!