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Head Over Heels DIY Friday: Home Fashions Turned Scarf Fashion?

Kayd Roy10 Comments
Would you wear a tablecloth? 
Well, I guess I should say part of a tablecloth.... and my answer is- "Yes, yes I certainly would". 
And part of a tablecloth turned accessory looks darn cute right?!?!  I'm very much Head Over Heels with this tablecloth DIY!

Okay, I know I am obsessed with home decor and it might look like I have taken my obsession to a weird level by wearing home decor but I have to explain how this happened (and rest assured I will not be sporting a bath towel dress anytime soon). I found this beautiful vintage tablecloth at an antique store a couple weeks ago for just $2.00!
 I saw it hanging on a rack with other vintage tablecloths and I just thought it was so beautiful.  As my brain really drilled down to what I loved, it was the woven design of the fabric.  It was a peach color with a damask, stripe, and rose pattern throughout.  Just gorgeous AND the best yet was how lightweight it felt.  It seemed like it would drape nicely...
 That is when it hit me! 
I didn't want to put it on a table, I wanted to WEAR it!!!  How could you not think that?  After all, it is fabric and you can make a tablecloth out of a lot of different fabrics just like a scarf right?  Plus, for just $2.00 it was a steal!

I brought it home and got out my sewing machine, scissors, and a tape measure.  The tablecloth measured out to be 50" x 80".  I measured out some of my other scarves at home and found that cutting the cloth in half would be just what I needed to make a nice generously sized scarf at 25" x 80".  The length might sound long, but I LOVE longer scarves! There are many more ways you can wear them!

 I have to admit, it was kind of scary cutting the table cloth in half but I trusted my scarf idea would work out just fine.  Once I had it cut, I did a simple double turned hem on so there would be no raw edges.
 Then came the fun part- seeing how it looked! 

I know it's my own creation, but I am just loving how it turned out! I love the fabric, the detail, the color, everything!  Not to mention it is a mix of vintage and DIY :)

What do you think?  Are you Head Over Heels for this DIY idea too?


Am I crazy for turning a tablecloth into a fashionable accessory?

Would you have done it too?

What would you do with the other half of the tablecloth?

 Hope you liked the DIY and with that I am just sticking with all Fridays being a DIY post.  So hopefully you'll keep stopping by if you know you'll see some kind of creative creation each week :)

Have a great weekend!  I'm working on the vestibule tomorrow for most of the day, I might get some extra pics posted on our Facebook page as I go!