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Vestibule Update & Flying Saucers That Fix Tilework

Kayd Roy4 Comments
If you caught my DIY Friday post you already know that we started to add beadboard in the Vestibule

Alex and I weighed out all the options, and decided it would make sense to add beadboard trim to the walls in this small space.  We've been very happy with the beadboard we added in the back entryway as well as our upstairs bathroom.  The look/finish really does fit the character of our home nicely and compliments the existing woodwork.
  Why not add it here and build upon the consistent look throughout the house?

Thankfully, we only had to add the panels to two bare walls!
You might know the drill by now from our other beadboard posts, but here's the Alex action shots anyway...
Beadboard panel along with a piece of trim along the top.
 We wanted a taller height for the beadboard in this space.  I asked Alex how tall it measured out to be and he laughed and said, "Go stand next to it, you'll figure it out."  I shot him a dirty look but quickly realized that it was about 5 feet tall.  Such a smart ass. 
 So man task #1 is done, man task #2 is up next- adding the new light fixture.
Then, the remaining tasks are a little more my style- and skill level!

One of our to-do's is painting the front door.  Upon closer inspection we realized that it is going to take a WHOLE LOTTA of sanding.  I wonder how many gloppy layers of paint have been slathered on this door over time?
  I guess that's it as far as the current update goes.

Now, there is one question I have for you out there...
We plan on keeping the tile in the vestibule since it is the original from 1924.  Sadly, it isn't perfect but we will absolutely NOT tear it out, I still think it is beautiful as is with the cracks. I just keep wondering if anyone knows a way to fix cracked tile without ripping it all out?
  The only solution I can think of are those little flying saucer things from the movie Batteries Not Included, they did some nice tile work in the closing scene...
Sadly it's not a realistic option, but you know that movie right? 
 The little saucer robots come in and save the old apartment building which includes tile flooring that the character Harry spends most of his time trying to fix throughout the movie.  Oh plus saving the lives and livelyhood of the residents... bigger plot line than the tiles.

Our tile floor always makes me think of that movie for some reason.  I know that's kind of weird to mention here but boy, its still a cute movie and I LOVE me some Jessica Tandy :)
Did you know that's her real husband in the movie? They were married 1942-1994 when she passed away, ahhh real life love stories.

Whoops, I got real sidetracked! Sorry!
 Anyway let us know if you have ideas on our little cracked tiles!  I'll have more photos of the vestibule by next week.  Hope we get some painting done then!