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 I can't believe it, Alex and I will be going on a BIG vacation towards the end of this summer! 
Where will my high heels be headed to????

(subtle shrieking and squeals of delight)

Get ready for National Lampoon's Alex and Carla's European Vacation!
(if you have read our blog for a while you already know we love the Griswolds)

We will be heading to London, Paris, and Split!  Split is in Croatia in case you wondered about that one :)  Alex's family is Croatian so we thought it would be a great experience to soak up some of the Croatian culture (and their beautiful beaches along the Adriatic Sea).

I am soooo excited for this trip! It will be our first big trip out of the states together. Planning this trip was a bit tricky since we will be bouncing around to a few places.  Not gonna lie- it was a TON of work and a lot of research went in to this... I'm so glad we're finally done with that part!  Equally as tricky was lining up a house and dog sitter for Rocco and Sadie (not many people wanted to watch our crazy little kiddos). But thankfully we got that taken care of too.  Now our house and pups will be in good hands while we are on our trip!

Alex and I have been talking about this trip ever since we started dating, I am so happy that our dream is finally going to be real!  We are definitely due for a nice vacation after everything we have been through from the tornado damage and repairs.  We are still a while out from actually going on this trip, so I am still hopeful our house will be fixed before we go halfway around the world (ahem, insurance hurry the heck up).  I have to admit, I don't think I will be able to relax and enjoy myself if I am worried about that stupid tarp on our house.

I can't wait to start packing!!! Is it crazy to start packing for a trip that is a couple months away??? LOL!  

If you have traveled to London, Paris, or Split, we would love to hear your travel recommendations!  Of course we will be hitting all of the historic and tourist-y locations, but we'd love any tips you have or even restaurants we should hit!  Please, please, please comment away!