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Head Over Heels Friday: All Sorts of Repurposed Headboards!

Kayd Roy2 Comments
Looking for a new headboard for a bedroom?  Instead of heading out to a store to pick up a brand new one, check out these repurposed headboards with a vintage flair that I am Head Over Heels for!  We're talking Mantels, Tin Tiles, Doors, Pallets, and Reclaimed Wood- all things you can make a fabulous headboard out of (also a conversation piece!).  In a few cases you could find some of these for free (like the door we found in our basement) or pretty cheap at a local salvage store. 

I have been researching some of these ideas because I am anxious to get started on our own Master Bedroom redo once our home repairs from the tornado are complete.  I really love the idea of ditching our plain ol' metal bedframe for a stylish Repurposed Headboard to add an interesting focal point to our room.

Here's a look at my favorite vintage styled objects turned Headboards...

 Fireplace Mantels
French By Design

Old Painted Cottage

Moss Eclectic
   Rustic Tin Tiles  
Apartment Therapy
Unskinny Boppy
 Vintage Doors
Dreamy Whites

A Prairie Farmgirl
  Salvaged Pallets
 Reclaimed Wood
aka Design

House Tweaking

What style are you Head Over Heels for?

When it comes to our master bedroom, I think I am really digging the fireplace mantels!  They are so grand and interesting, and since we do not have a fireplace in our master bedroom it would be a neat way to fit the look into the space.  However, I still really love the vintage door idea and we already have one we could use in our basement that is original to our house. 
Hmmmm, what do you think?

Do you have a repurposed headboard in your bedroom? I'd love to see it!
 Have a great weekend everybody, and STAY COOL!