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DIY Vintage Stool Refresh!

Kayd Roy7 Comments
I finished up my little $10 vintage stool project over the weekend!  Here's how it turned out...
What do you think? 
Most of you voted for option #1 in my previous blog post.  I decided to go with that look but also painting the chair back white so that if it had to sit with my other vintage stool they would coordinate (this was also my mom's suggestion- thanks Moo!).
 Now, here is the rundown for this simple little DIY stool makeover:
 First, I picked up my spray paint from Home Depot.  Both were about $2.97 each. I highly recommend the Rustoluem Metallic Finish paint, it looks like metal but it isn't super shiny like most metallic paint.
Next was sanding the legs, seat, and chair back.  I covered the sanding is my last post, but here's a visual so I am covering all steps.
Then I had to cover the seat and chair back so I could paint the metal parts of the stool.  This of course was not the fun part, I hate prepping for paint (don't you?).
 Time to spray away!
 Woo-hoo!  The paint was looking pretty awesome on those legs, I was pretty pumped!
I let the paint on the legs and back support dry and set for a day.  Then I removed the covering from the seat and chair back and taped off the newly painted areas to safely allow for the painting of the seat and chair back.   Side note- I thought the stool looked pretty funny all covered up, like it had a skirt on.  I kind of reminded me of ET for some reason, weird I know :)
I then stepped out into the 100 degree heat (and full on humidity) to finish up spray painting.  Maybe that is why I thought the stool looked like ET?  The heat must have been getting to me, ha!
 Finally, I let the paint dry and then uncovered the stool.

Goodbye rough dirty stool...
Hello gorgeous refinished stool!
 I was happy that the stool still had a few rough spots so it still looks a bit vintage. 
 Here is a closer look at the metal chair back so you can see the paint a little better.  I really love how this color turned out, looks like an original metal finish.
The white and metal color also allow me to put it into whatever room we choose since it is pretty neutral.  For now it seems to have found a home in the corner of our dining room.  I thought it might be cute to set an old wooden crate or antique metal wire milk crate filled with my antique table cloths and napkins on top of it.... or maybe other vintage dining room accessories?
Something similar to one of these maybe?
Left: Anna White, Right: Etsy
Hmmm, must antique shop this weekend!

So, what do you think?  It was a pretty simple little project, I think figuring out what I wanted to do with it was really the hardest part, LOL!  But I did have fun with it, and thanks for the suggestions everybody!
Now what to do with those burlap sacks I got on Thrifting Day, hmmmm?

Have a great week and stay cool everybody (I am melting in this crazy odd Minnesota heat, ick!)