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Tornado Damage

Kayd Roy22 Comments
I don't have time to say a lot, this is from Starbucks as I grab coffee for us and neighbors while charging up our cell phones.  Just a look at our neighborhood, I have never seen anything like this in my life.  It breaks my heart to see our beautiful historic neighborhood lose so much of it's defining charm.  But I know that doesn't really matter, I am just glad most neighbors got through this safely.

Here's our big problem.... that is part of a tree going through our roof and into our guest room.  It is connected to half of a 100 year old tree that has made a GIANT hole in our roof.  We have a tarp over the hole for now and insurance and construction contractors are coming out today. 
 So sad!  Goodbye pretty guest room :(

But that doesn't really matter, I am so thankful we are safe and that we have great neighbors to lean on through this.  I also have to say thank you for all of the wonderful and thoughtful messages my blog friends have sent our way.  It means a lot to read something nice when you are having an awful day.  Thank you!
The name of the game is clean up now, all of those old trees are blocked lots of roads and alley ways that we need open to get help here.  Bust out your chainsaws! 

Hope things go well with the insurance, I hear this can be an awful process.