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Our Completed Kitchen Makeover! Before & Afters of Our New Countertops and Sink!

Kayd Roy21 Comments
Our latest kitchen update is complete!  The new countertops, backsplash, sink and faucet are all up & running! 

Get ready for some 'before' and 'after' photo action!!!  Here's where we started soooo long ago...

... and how things are looking now!  I can't believe how far the space has come along, I'm so in love! 

Our project started about a month ago when we realized we had to ditch the old sink and laminate countertops once and for all.

We had been dreaming of adding butcher block countertops and an apron sink since we bought the house. 
So we spent a wonderful evening gathering the Numerar countertops and Domsjo sink from Ikea.  Then picked up our faucet and other project supplies from Home Depot.

After we got everything home the fun began when Alex started tearing up the kitchen.

It was very exciting but it was rough being without a kitchen sink for four days.  Alex had to use that time to cut and install the wood countertops.

Once those were installed, Alex completed the "oiling & lotioning" step as we like to call it.

Ugh!  I'm so in love with the new tile!  I didn't even know Alex was going to add it next to the oven (where we had the faux vintage plastic tiles before), it was such a nice surprise! 

The white tiles just look so crisp and clean!

So here's how everything turned out!

To quote Outkast it just looks "so fresh and clean" right?!?!   Haha, just kidding but the song keeps coming to mind when I look at these pictures.  I'm so happy with how this DIY redo project turned out!

The kitchen countertops and sink were the last big things that we wanted to fix on the main floor of our house.  The laminate always felt like it screamed "I need to be replaced" and now with the butcher block it just looks fresh and updated.  I finally feel like our kitchen is a space we can be proud of!

So, what do you think of the new look in our kitchen?

What new decor elements should I add to compliment the new look?

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