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Alone In The Kitchen

Kayd Roy7 Comments
With Carla out traveling for work, I am left here with the kids for a little DIY time. It’s funny; when Carla is out of town my DIY time typically includes late nights, loud music, and a lot of chatting with Rocco and Sadie. Honestly, I bet the neighbors wonder what the heck is going on over here when Carla’s gone.
With all of that excitement going on in our little Dutch Colonial, I bet you’re probably wondering how that Kitchen Project of ours is coming along since Carla last mentioned it here… Well, I’m pleased to say that it’s moving along nicely and we even managed to get the sink installed before she left – that was kind of my going away gift for her (and me).

Typically I try to tackle a surprise project while Carla is traveling but, she already knows what I have in store this time – Tile Backsplash!! With the sink installed, and the counter tops “lotioned and oiled” it means we’re getting really close to having a whole new look in our kitchen. It also meant that I had a trip to Home Depot planned because we had already decided that the best look for our spruced up kitchen space would be white subway tiles. This should help to brighten up the area and compliment our new Domsjo apron sink too! Hopefully I won’t run into any road blocks along the way, and will manage to have this project completed before Carla gets back on Sunday.

What do you think? Will the subway tiles look great with the hardwood counter tops and apron sink?
Wish me luck…I think I’m making fairly good progress and who knows; I may even have a small special project planned as a surprise.
I'll try to get another update in before Carla returns too. Hope you're having a great week!