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Tearing Up the Kitchen

Kayd Roy10 Comments
We got busy over the weekend tearing up the kitchen to prep for our new sink and countertops!

After tearing out the old laminate countertops and fiberglass sink, Alex started framing in countertop supports along the wall separating our kitchen and dining room.  Since that cabinet doesn't touch any walls, Alex wanted to make sure that the extra supports were there.

 Here's another look a what we took out....

Another set of supports he added in was for our big (and super heavy) double bowl apron sink.  I think today is day 4 of not having a kitchen sink and I have to say it is pretty tough.  I never realized how much we rely on using that, thank goodness we have a dishwasher though!  I can't wait to have a sink again though.
Since our new sink hangs over the front of the cabinets, Alex also had to remove the two faux drawers that were in front of the old inset sink.

Next up will be cutting the wood countertop slabs to size!

The countertops have to be installed before we can add in the new sink in since it sits on the top of the counters, kind of like this....
Image via Houzz
So, I better get back to work assisting my hubby while he does most of the work (sad but true). I see lots of sawdust in our future, ugh!  I can't wait to have a sink in the kitchen again though!!!

I will be taking another work trip pretty soon, so Alex might be at the blog helm for a while but he/we will do our best to keep you updated on the progress!  I'll have more on my travels soon, so see you then!