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August Head Over Heels Friday #3: "DIY-ikea Creations"

Kayd RoyComment
It's week 3 already for DIY-Ikea themed month! This creation is a real simple one that solved a problem I was having with my ever growing collection of necklaces. I had been keeping my necklaces in a jewelry box, on a pocket hanger/organizer thing, and over on my antique dress form. This caused a number of little annoying problems for me each morning including them getting tangled together, not knowing where to find a certain necklace, or even totally forgetting that I own some of those necklaces (out of sight out of mind).

I started to google search the best way to store my necklaces to solve these problems. It didn't take much searching to find TONs of DIY jewelry storage boards. All I needed were some frames and some cork to make the board out of, so simple! Thankfully, I knew I had some old "Funny Swedish Name" frames from Ikea laying around I the basement from my single days (you guessed it, pink & red).

Nyttja Frame: Ikea $3.99; Cork Contact Paper Roll: Home Depot $8.99

All I had to do was cut the cork contact paper to size for the frame and attach it to the frame back - cork side up. The cheap frames didn't even have real glass in them so I really didn't mind totally ditching the plastic stuff that would have covered a photo. Now all that was left for me to do was hang it up and add push pins to hang my necklaces from...
I might refine the look some more eventually, but this simple little board totally solved my messy necklace problem and took less than 5 minutes to create.  Boy do I love looking at this display to make my accessory decisions in the morning instead of digging through wadded up chains in a pocket or box!

Right now it is hanging in my Dressing Room, which I'm still working on. It has been totally ripped apart since the last time I talked about it here on the blog. The whole space is now the Carla Cave :) more to come on that eventually. My girls color scheme will make more sense then.

Hope you are Head Over Heels for this problem solving DIY-Ikea creation too!

I will be in NYC this weekend on some more work travels.  If we're lucky maybe we will hear from Mr. H&HH? He does have a busted elbow right now but, I know I am curious about what he'll be up to!