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Three Years of Adventure in Marriage

Kayd Roy6 Comments
Today marks our third wedding anniversary. 
It made me think about something my Uncle Sal wrote on our wedding guest book photo matte- "You are embarking on a lifetime adventure."  I remember thinking when I read it that day "An adventure? I don't feel adventurous in this big poofy gown, hmmm?"

I guess I thought it was something interesting and totally different than what most of our guests wrote.  Maybe that is why I still remember it and think about it when I glance at it since it is hanging on our wall.  But I feel like now I understand it a little more...not entirely though of course (hey, I know we are only on anniversary #3)... and of course I looked up this definition...

Exciting, unusual, bold, risky, uncertain outcome... Well that all sounds kind of weird, scary and fantastic at the same time right?  Simply put, I feel that it is very true to what a marriage is.  It is an adventure filled with all sorts of ups and downs and I don't think any couple can predict the outcome of their journey together but, I certainly enjoy taking this journey with Mr. H&HH. 

As Alex and I celebrate the third year of our 'adventure' today,  I'm hoping it is more exciting, unusual, and bold but, not all that risky... LOL!  Thank you Uncle Sal for the wise words.