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Trip Recovery Time

Kayd Roy2 Comments
Was I just in China?  That whole week felt like a blur but thankfully I am back at home! 

I arrived back Sunday evening and have to admit, recharging from this trip has been a lot harder than the last one :(  Sure this one was shorter, but I think we crammed the same amount of work in half the time?  I just looked at my pictures and thought this one captured what it all felt like....  I look like I should be in the late night line at a Taco Bell if ya know what I mean, HA!!!  Are my eyes crossed?!?!
Thank goodness there are Pringles in China, pretty sure those fueled my days in the office.

 One thing is for sure, Hong Kong and Shenzhen are STOOPID (yes stoopid, it's worse than just plain stupid) HOT in the summer.  I think part of being exhausted was from the heat and humidity, both of which make the big crowds of people all the more intense!
I got fog during my last visit, I didn't anticipate 'heat haze' as an issue for my photos across Kowloon Bay.

Anyway, part of the fun getting home is checking out what Mr. Hammers and High Heels worked on while I was away....
I can't wait to show you the 'afters'!  Didn't Alex do an awesome job blogging too?  I loved his posts! I still can't believe he even threw in a themed Head Over Heels post, what a guy!!!

I'm hoping for a more normal night of sleep tonight, wish me luck!  I have to get this late night Taco Bell look to go away, yuck!

 The 'afters' are coming next, hope you are excited!