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Mr. H&HH Tackles A Small Project or Two

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With Carla off traveling the world again for work, I have decided to get to work on one or two smaller projects that have been chappin' my backside for quite some time. Now then, the last time Carla was out of the country, I had incredibly lofty goals for what I might DIY/DO...and alright, I came up a little short (but I did finish the Wainscoting and later finished up the DIY Vintage Door Headboard). Knowing that she's out of town about half the amount of time that she was last time, I've decided to be a bit more modest with my goals.  
You may recall from earlier posts that we have been wanting to liven up our back just needs a little attention, and I think I have just what it needs!

A Little Demo and Re-Build is In Store!

Given that I have a bit of experience with Bead Board and Wainscoting, I imagine I can spruce up this little space rather quickly and for a relatively low cost because I have a lot of left overs.

With my plan of attack in mind I went after removing the base board cap so that the eventual installation of the bead board would go a bit more smoothly. 

Wow...I'm Glad This Mess Will be Covered Soon!

With the cap removed I took measurements for the top rail and headed out to the garage to do some cutting (sorry, I know I should have a gratuitous action shot). After the cutting was done I armed myself with some finishing nails and my trusty Loctite PowerGrab....

It's the Clear Choice AND Provides Flawless Results :-)

With the evening winding down I decided to call it quits but, I have a pretty good start going and know that I will be able to get this project done soon! Below is a little sneak peek.

A Little Work for What I Hope Will be a Big Change!

What do you think? Will this be a good update for a space that seems to have gone overlooked for so long?

I know one thing...There's a sweet little girl that hopes I finish soon so we can play :-)

When I finish this smaller project there's something else I need to work on that I fear we have become "house blind" to. More to come on that later...