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Greetings From Hong Kong!

Kayd Roy2 Comments
After an hour long flight from Minneapolis to Chicago, a four hour lay over, and sitting on a plane for TWENTY HOURS, I've finally checked into my hotel here in Hong Kong!  Man it feels good to be standing upright :)  And in case you are wondering, a standard Chicago to Hong Kong flight should take about fifteen hours... thank you United Airlines for the two hour departure delay once we were boarded and then the surprise two hour and forty minute pit stop in Bejing to refuel.  I've always wanted to see the Great Wall (just not from my plane window). 
 Alright, I am done complaining. Just happy to finally be here!
I know the trip seems random since I never mentioned it on the blog until now, but I couldn't really find a good spot to fit it in.  I am travelling for work once again (which I am very thankful for) and got added into the trip sort of last minute. Thankfully this trip is only nine days, not seventeen like the last one- it was hard being away from Alex and the pups for that long.  But I am so excited to see Hong Kong and Shenzhen once again!  Hopefully Victoria Harbor won't be as foggy this time! 

As I mentioned before, you will likely hear from Alex (aka Mr. Hammers and High Heels) this week since Blogger and Facebook are blocked in China (once we move into Shenzhen tomorrow).  I will be 'off the grid' LOL!  He finished the deck during my last little trip, I wonder what he will be up to this time?!?!  Hmmmm.....

Be sure to send Alex some comments if he posts, he really gets a kick out of them!  Especially if he gets more than I typically do... he likes to brag... and it is kind of cute :)  See you next weekend!