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More on the Kitchen Nook (and a Hutch?)

Kayd Roy9 Comments
The kitchen nook storage issue has been on the top of my mind lately, so I had to do a follow up post quick!  Thank you to everyone that posted a comment, so many great ideas and things I didn't even think of for this annoying charming little space! 

Couple things to clarify that I didn't mention in the last post...
1- We aren't at all considering redoing the layout of the whole kitchen. This would be a BIG ($$$)  project and the current layout doesn't bother us, the lack of storage does.
2- We can't move/ knock down any walls surrounding the nook.  One wall is shared with the lower level bathroom (which is obviously a keeper) and the other two are the exterior of our house.

Now, I am going to bounce around a bit with my line of thinking, but stay with me...

One fun idea was adding in a Banquette.  *Sigh*  They are pretty right?
French Quarters
and you can build storage into them!
I also believe (after lots of research) that something like a banquette originally existed in the nook in 1924.

BUT- After discussing with Alex, we still think full on seating isn't right for us since we never used the seating in there now. If we added a banquette, would we even enjoy it?
The next idea that popped up was some tall narrow wall cabinets. I pictured these cabinets from my sister and brother-in law's cute 1907 bungalow (see the rest of their house in this post)...
Those would be great along one wall, tall, narrow, and really cute!  If only I could steal them from their house and plop them into our nook...
But realistically, I don't think I can hunt down similar cabinets.  I even visited Bauer Brothers over the weekend and searched through all their salvaged kitchen cabinets, no luck :(

So, I circled back to the original hutch idea AND as luck would have, I actually found one for only $40!  Here's a look at my find and yes, it needs a little makeover.  I figure if we don't end up using it in the nook I can always sell it after fixing it up.
The cabinet hardware has to go!  Along with these icky curtains!
It totally has potential to be cute and I get a new project!  Such a steal for only $40!  I'm hoping I can make it look a bit like this awesome cabinet I saw in the new Pottery Barn catalog (without having to spend $1,299.00). They have different shapes, but you get the idea.
If we do like the hutch in the nook, I know we will have to remove those corner shelves and then figure out what we need on the opposite side wall.  Someone suggested a small kitchen cart/ table on casters so it could be moved around for cooking or parties.  Thought that might be nice & versatile, could even keep a stool under it?  Hmmm, so many decisions!
Phew, hope all of that made sense, thanks for letting me ramble off my thought process!

What do you think?

Do you like the new hutch (shape, size)?

What would you put on the wall opposite the hutch in our nook?

Don't be shy!  Please let us know, it is fun and super helpful! Comment away...