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Head Over Heels Friday: Our Crazy Ever After, Plus the "De-Clutter the Crap Initiative"

Kayd Roy1 Comment
Who's having a Fab Friday thus far?  I know I AM because I am guest blogging today over at Our Crazy Ever After for the lovely Mrs. Lauren Jerle! 
You might have seen her name pop up a few times in our blog before.  It just so happens that we found each other through blogging and discovered we are practically neighbors! We've had a few fun adventures over the past year that I covered, like volunteering to help those left homeless from the tornado, I Heart Thrifting Day, and plenty of "Farts and Crafts" as Lauren calls it.  I have been hooked on Lauren's blog for a long while now, but I just had to share it for this week's Head Over Heels post! I think you will love reading her blog as much as I do!
Lauren and I volunteering, followed by fun rounds of cocktails
Lauren's blog started off covering events leading up to her "Big Fat Farm Wedding" and now covers the "Daily Rambles" of married life with a lot of honesty and humor. I often envy her ability to write so freely and openly. You can tell she is having a fun with everything she writes and I am always entertained by her posts.  For example, who else do you know writes about having the Fluzies? Or dressing up like a grandma from Boca Raton?  Or the honesty regarding pooping? Nobody else but Lauren comes to mind, it is so refreshing!  I can also tell you she is as fun in person (if not more) as she seems in the posts she writes :)

Most recently, Lauren had the brainy idea to kick off 2012 with a series of blog posts to help inspire everyone to de-clutter and get organized.  In true Lauren fashion she dubbed it "The De-Clutter The Crap Initiative", straight forward and to the point right?  Love it!  This week, she and guest bloggers have covered closet organization, document organization, under sink organization and there will be more next week!
So do yourself a favor today and stop by Our Crazy Ever After and say "Hi" to Lauren!  I am sure you will be Head Over Heels too!
Have a great weekend everybody!  I think we'll be checking out the Red Bull Crashed Ice Event tomorrow in St. Paul, anyone else heading there?