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Head Over Heels Friday: Adding Kitchen Storage Using a Hutch

Kayd Roy13 Comments
It's Head Over Heels Friday Time!  My obsession this week is something I mentioned in our 2012 House Project Wish List- adding kitchen storage! 

Like the rest of our old house, our kitchen is totally lacking when it comes to storage.  We only have a few lower cabinets, no upper/ wall cabinets, and some open shelving.  That has worked fine for a while, but the fact that we can't buy another kitchen gadget because there's no where to store it finally made me realize that we have to change somethingAs I searched for ideas online I found something that made me fall Head Over Heels- Vintage Styled Hutches!
From Marriage to Motherhood
They are so nice to look at AND can add a TON of storage for a kitchen!  Plus it isn't something that has to be installed and becomes permanent in the house (like those awful cabinets that we had to remove).
Country Living
Here's a couple more that I liked...
The Inspired Room
The rustic pulls and handles are beautiful!
Decorating Ideas Online
Now, if we got one, where would it go?  Here's a look at the kitchen (also shown as an attempt to illustrate our lack of storage cabinets)....
We added those corner shelves and a table with shelves, but still to this day I don't like it.  Perhaps a hutch could fit in here?  I would just have to make it look pretty of course... which means redoing the Nook...AGAIN.  Sort of funny how this is coming full circle with wanting some sort of cabinet in there, but I do not regret getting rid of "Cabinet Alley"!

What do you think?  Are you Head Over Heels for vintage styled Hutches too?

Let me know if you have any other ideas for adding storage into our little Nook, maybe it is something I haven't thought of yet!  

Have a great weekend everybody! For the husbands and Michiganders out there "GO LIONS"!