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Head Over Heels Friday: Fall Comforts

Kayd Roy5 Comments
Happy Friday everyone! 

It has been a busy week so I thought I'd keep this post short and share some of my favorite fall comforts.

Enjoying a glass of pinot noir in a lovely seasonal setting

Alex's grandma's homemade mac n' cheese

Sitting by our warm, cozy fire
And most of all, cozy-ing up with my hubby

I'm especially Head Over Heels for that last one:) 

Which is why I'm keeping this short! We haven't seen much of each other this week so I need to get away from this computer!

What are your favorite little fall comforts???

Thanks to everyone that voted for our pumpkins!  So far, Chomps is totally killing Gallows!  We will still count votes up until Halloween when we will annouce the victor! Hope everyone has a spooky and safe Halloween weekend!