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H&HH Grill-Master Returns!!

Kayd Roy6 Comments
Thursday was one of Alex's happiest days since the tornado.  Why?  We got a replacement check in the mail from our insurance for our old smashed grill.  I know we could have gotten a new grill right away after we found ours destroyed, but with other expenses resulting from the tornado I thought it would be best to just wait.  Once Alex discovered the check came he immediately hopped in the car and headed to Home Depot to pick out the new grill of his dreams.

He was like a kid in a candy store, I had to do my best and make sure he didn't pick out some crazy expensive grill we really didn't need.  He (we) settled on this Stok Quattro 4-Burner grill, look at his excitement with his new grill baby.
The Stok brand is relatively new at Home Depot, but we were impressed with the online reviews and changeable inserts for the grill.  It includes a pizza stone, griddle, vegetable tray, 2 grilling grates, and removable insert tool.  We often do grill our pizzas in the summer and try our best to eat more vegetables- with the fun veggie tray I am sure we will!

Alex took the death of his old grill pretty badly.  It took flight from our backyard to our neighbor's front porch- quite a trip!
Rest in pieces our little Charmglow grill
It seemed that since he no longer had a grill it was all he could think about.  
I remember him quoting one day "There is just nothing to make for dinner anymore without a grill, what are we supposed to eat?!?  FISHSTICKS?!?! I will not eat fishsticks!!!!"  No idea where the fishsticks rant came from considering we didn't have any, but it was pretty sad.  I reminded him that it is possible to make nice dinners without a grill, and we did make it through winter without starving when we couldn't grill. 

Thankfully, after bringing home and doing some short assembly, the grill master was back in business!  He picked up a nice big slab of ribs for dinner tonight. Yum!
  It is finally a gorgeous sunny day here in Minneapolis!  I just made a pitcher of fresh lemonade and have an issue of Real Simple waiting for me, can't wait to kick back and relax a little.  We will also be doing a little bonfire, still have TONS of branches and wood to burn from all the trees coming down.

As far as our pending home repairs from the tornado, we did receive the first cost estimate from our insurance and our contractor is in the process of writing up their estimate.  So we are at a bit of a standstill for now until they agree upon the cost for all repairs- kind of stinks, but that is the way it goes and we want to make sure everyone is on the same page before construction begins.  That said, all we can do for now is move forward with life as usual and hopefully we'll get back into some DIY projects before too long.  I will likely do a post when the construction madness begins on our house, I know I will be very excited!

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend! Cheers!