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What Ever Happened to the Rest of the Spare Room Redo?

Kayd Roy2 Comments
This is long overdue! What the heck happened to the rest of our Spare Room Redo?!?!  We have been wondering that same thing since we did our last post on the Spare Room.  I was so excited when we finished up the left side of the space- now called My Dressing Room back in March.
Once that was done, we kind of lost steam on finishing the other side of the room. I was kind of stumped for ideas so I left it alone for a little long while. Echo, echo, echo...
Oddly enough, with the tornado damage affecting most of our rooms upstairs (holes and water damage in the ceilings), this space is now the only one I can really play in. So it is time to finish it up!  Take that tornado- you can't kill my DIY spirit!

To recap (since it has been a couple months)
I wanted the other side of the Dressing Room to be a nice sitting area off our master bedroom (where the door to this space is).  This was our original plan...

 We did some big DIY projects on this space and it's decor (all links listed mid-way through the last post here).  One important DIY project related to this post was hanging that vintage window to divide the space.

Opposite of that hanging window is the empty space, just waiting for some Hammers and High Heels treatment!
We'll have a big update on this shortly...Stay tuned! 

PS- not sure if anyone keeps tabs on our project list, but we mentioned on our blog-a-versary that our next room redo is our Master Bedroom.  I am sad to report that this project has to wait until we get the rest of the upstairs repaired (wa-wa).  Our master is the other only room upstairs without any damage (at least that we know of for now).  I am guessing we might have to move the furniture out of the Guest Room as well as our Office and store it in our Master temporarily when repairs begin.  As a side note: we're now very thankful that we have a master bedroom that is a bit larger than most of the ones we saw while house shopping!  We also don't want complete chaos upstairs since some demolition will be happening in the other rooms (sad).  I know it stinks, and I am sooooo bummed!  I was geeked to get started on making our master bedroom a comfortable retreat for my hubby and I.  Just have to be patient for now.

What do you think we need in this space? I'd love to hear your ideas!