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Head Over Heels: The Farmer's Market Is Back!

Kayd Roy3 Comments
Finally!  I am Head Over Heels for the return of the Farmer's Market... a sign of Spring and Summer in Minneapolis! 

When I am not at home (or working on my home) I spend Monday through Friday at work in downtown Minneapolis.  It is a great place to be because you have just about everything including shopping, restaurants, bars, gyms, theaters, sporting venues, and more all within a short walk.  We have 8 miles of Skyways linking 69 blocks- the largest in the world! So, in the frigid winter months you can still get around town before, during or after your work day and not freeze your buns off!  

But thankfully, now that it is warmer out I can escape the Skyway (and my cubical) during the day and check out the Farmer's Market every Thursday!
 The Market is set up along Nicollet Mall bright and early at 6:00 AM.  The products sold at the Market include fresh produce, meat, eggs, wild rice, honey, hummus, jellies/ jams, maple syrup, pickles, fresh baked breads and treats, potted arrangements, flats of bedding plants, cut flowers, and hanging baskets. In short, TONS of beautiful and delicious items are sold at the Farmer's Market.  There are also a few food carts beginning to show up, makes our 'Minne' city feel a bit more New York City....I love it! 

My friend Amy and I took a break from work to check out the Market yesterday.  I discovered something new at the Farmer's Market this year... CHEESE!  Anyone that knows me, also knows that cheese is my favorite food.  Anything cheese!  Anything with cheese!  Any kind of cheese!  I don't discriminate cheeses.  I was pumped that they even had some Brie Fromage on a baguette for sampling, YUM!
Here are a few more things I fancied while walking the Market on Nicollet Mall...

Fresh bright flowers!  Although I stayed away since I still can't seem to keep planted plants alive long.
Homemade pickles!  Even a pickle sampler bar!
Yum, fresh roasted and candied nuts!
 Homemade salsas, jerky, tortillas and tortilla chips (perfect, since I took this trip on Cinco de Mayo)
Fresh, gorgeous bouquets of flowers!
One of the best parts of the Farmer's Market returning? I get to enjoy fresh flowers in the house more often...

I picked up these matthiola flowers and placed them in a vase on our sideboard in the dining room.  They smell like sweet peppermint, I just love it!
Totally Head Over Heels for the Farmer's Market, really feels like Spring is here!

Do you frequent a Farmer's Market in your town?  What things do they have that Minneapolis is missing? 
I'll be back tomorrow with a really exciting DIY Mother's Day gift post (wish I had it done sooner, wa-wa), but nonetheless awesome!