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Mother's Day (Or Any Day) Anthropologie Inspired DIY Scarf Necklace!

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Spoiler warning for my moms- don't peek if you want it to be a surprise!
I'm really excited to show you what I came up with this year for my mom Nancy and my mother in law Tina... a Handmade Scarf Necklace (DIY steps below)!
This one is my mom's, I just had to try it on!
I was a little stumped as to what to get my mom and Alex's mom for Mother's Day.  Sadly, we don't get to spend Mother's Day with them since we are in Minnesota and they are in Michigan, so I like to send them both something special as a nice little surprise.  

While I was searching for gift ideas I found this gorgeous Voluminous Scarf Necklace on Anthropologie's website for $38.00.  Isn't is so adorable?
Even better you can wear it a couple different ways.  I was in love with this scarf, and of course my DIY spirit got the best of me and I said, "well that would be so easy to make!"  So I got to work...
The Anthropologie scarf measured L38.0" x W22.5", so I wanted my measurements to be similar.  I picked up 1 yard of fabric for each scarf and cut it into 2 pieces measuring 18"W x 20" L.  Once the 2 pieces are sewn together this will create a 18"W x 40"L scarf. 

The scarf I worked on first was for Alex's mom Tina.  Alex picked out the fabric for her (with a little help from me of course!).
Here is a little illustration of what we are going to do:

To sew the 2 pieces together (to make one long scarf) I made a French seam.  You place the 2 pieces of fabric on top of one another with the right side of the fabric facing out.  Then stitch the pieces together.
Here is a look at that stitched seam.
Next, flip inside out so you are looking at the wrong side of the fabric and press the seam down.
Now with the wrong side of the fabric shown, stitch again with 0.25" seam allowance.
If that was a little confusing I found this illustration of a French Seam.  Got it now?  Super easy!
Cute As a Fox Creations
Here is a look once the 2 pieces are sewn together with a french seam. The print didn't match up perfectly, but I wasn't really trying to make it 'perfect'.  So now that it is sewn together we have a scarf that will measure 18"W x 40"L.

Now we need to hem each side so no raw edges show, this part takes a while.  Take you iron and double turn each edge.  I turned mine only 0.25"- as small as I could so the scarf wouldn't get smaller due to the hems.
Then hop on your sewing machine and stitch the hemmed edge as carefully as possible.
Once you are all done hemming the edges here is what your scarf will look like (minus the necklace portion).
Now lets add the necklace! For this you can make your own necklace with beading from a craft store, or buy a necklace from a store to use. I picked up these 2 necklaces on clearance at Macy's, regular price $30 each, but I go them for only $8 each! What a deal right? They are so cute too!
The one on the left is for Alex's mom and the right one is for my mom's scarf (in case you wondered).  I chose these necklaces (not just because they are cute), but they had large loops where I could fit the scarf through to knot on.
I took the first necklace and cut off the leather portion.
So that I would end up with just this...
Next, I grabbed one side of the scarf's ends to thread through the larger ring at the end
Then pulled it through to the middle of the scarf's width (this is the 18"W side, so I pulled the loop inward 9").
Now tie ends together to make a knot.
Do the same on the other side.  I ended up tying about 3 knots on each end so it looked more finished (than it does in this photo).
Tada!  Here is the final product of the scarf necklace!  It is kind of like an infinity scarf but with some bling!  I love the combination of the color, print, chain, and turquoise beading.  I think it turned out perfect for Alex's mom! 

Here is the fabric I chose for my mom (as shown in the first photo in the post).  I completed all the same steps as I did for the other scarf necklace.
Now here is how I added her necklace.  For this one i just left it clasped together and pulled it 8" inward on the width at each end.
Then just tied on with a knot.
Here is just the single knot (kind of messy).
So I knotted it over 2 more times for a more finished look (this is what I didn't get a picture of from the other scarf).
Here is another look at the final product!  I just love these scarves and they are so easy to make!
I hope my moms like their gifts!  They should be getting them in the mail today!  I'm sorry I didn't get this post up earlier, but they were kind of last minute. This project takes about 40 minutes per scarf, so it is doable to get it done in a day!

Did you come up with a great Handmade or DIY Mother's Day gift?  I'd love to hear about them so I can get more gift ideas!
Have a great weekend everyone!  Alex and I will be headed to a Kentucky Derby party at a friend's house today, can't wait to wear my BIG Derby hat!
Be sure to stop back tomorrow-it is a big day for our blog- can you guess what it is?

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