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Radiator Cover Update: Visuals, Fabric and Those Sisal Coffee Sacks!

Kayd Roy3 Comments
I made all the pillows....ha, I wish, just kidding!  But isn't my little Photoshop magic visual fun?!?
After I made my 'Oops' floral pillows that just didn't look right, I took a trip back to back at my inspiration post.  I doing so, I realized that maybe I didn't need to go with a mix of different prints and patterns. All I wanted were a few basic yet stylish striped grain sack or linen like pillows and a couple with a little text or numbers.

So here is my new plan and all the goods I have ready to go to make it happen!

I found this cute set on Etsy and I knew I could make some like them because....
I also thought if I had some fabric paint I could make a pillow like this and write "Est. 2009" since that was the year we got our house and got married.  Love the sentimental stuff!
Swanky Cabbage
Also, I got my sisal coffee bags in the mail!  Yay!  Here is a look at the design and texture of the bags I received.
 They are pretty big measuring 20" x 30". To give you an idea here is a gratuitous Rocco photo illustrating how big the bags are compared to a small Shih Tzu.  My little 'Piggy' is so darn cute!
I'm thinking I could cut them down to make one oblong pillow or I could cut a small part of the stripe out and stitch it onto some softer fabric like on this pillow...
For overall color, I was thinking of doing a pale yellow stripe (as shown in the first photo), but now I am thinking gray might work better....
Or maybe a darker red?  Thought that might look nice with the coffee bag colors.  Or should I do a mix of both?
I have the sisal bags ($2.40 each), linen-like fabric (3 yards at $3.99/yd), foam brushes ($0.39 each), and fabric paint (3.79 for large bottle, $1.99 for small) ready to go!
I'll be measuring and cutting the fabric tonight and hopefully starting to paint them tomorrow.  If you have ideas or suggestions on color please let me know in the comments!