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A Valentine For Our Home XOXO

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Happy Valentine's Day! I love Valentine's, I think it is a fun day where you can remind the special people in your life that you care about them. It got me to thinking about our house, it is not a person, but it is certainly something we love and take care of.
So for Valentine's Day I decided to write a Valentine to our house. Who knows, maybe I will have to hand write it up and hide it somewhere in the house for a future owner to find.

I have included images of the beautiful flowers Alex surprised me with and the Valentine's decor we have in our dining room. But the rest of this post is the Valentine to our home. 
Hope everyone is spending their day with someone special, cheers!

***To my dearest little Dutch Colonial***

 We have certainly been through a lot in the past couple of years...

When we first laid eyes on you, you didn't look like you were loved or cared for.  It broke our hearts to see such a beautiful old home that looked so empty and unloved...

Over the past 2 years, we have spent a lot of time with you.  Countless hours spent sanding, refinishing, installing, decorating, demolishing, tiling, cleaning, cooking, and celebrating holidays with you.
It's funny, when it comes to people the more work you put into a relationship, the more you get back. We have learned the same is true with you.  With all the hardwork (love) we have put in, we have gotten back so much more from you...
 You make me feel safe, loved, comfortable and proud.  These walls have been the backdrop to many memories my husband and I will cherish forever. There is no other place we can say was our first home, or any other place that we have shaped, changed and made beautiful again...
But most of all, I love the feeling of knowing that when I am home in your warmth, it is where I belong.
Happy Valentine's Day my little Dutch Colonial, xoxo Love Carla and Alex.