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The Great Spare Room Divide: Hanging An Antique Window

Kayd Roy5 Comments
So last week we talked about our plan for this old original window from our house.

We thought it would be a perfect way to incorporate something original to the house and divide up the long crazy space in our Spare Room. 
(If you need some background on this project check out this post for the plan or this link to check out all the Spare Room posts).

In the last post Alex caulked around the glass panes and used Frosted Glass spray paint on the glass so it was no longer transparent.  He then screwed in some eye bolts to the top of the window.
The window was going to hang from the ceiling in the room. So we wanted to use something very safe and secure so that we wouldn't hear the window crashing to the floor and breaking. Alex picked out Cobra Driller Toggles which are "self drilling anchors that feature a unique and powerful toggling mechanism thereby providing maximum holding power for all your installation needs" aka some really tough anchors!
After he got the anchors in place, the rest was pretty easy. 
Just had to cut the chains to the appropriate length and hang the window in place.
So here is a nice little preview photo (sorry it is dim) of what we have going on in the never ending Spare Room Project.  You can see I am working on the garment rack and vintage styled shoe storage, slowly I am making progress! 
I hope tomorrow to post my update on the Garment rack, it turned out just perfect, I can't wait to share!