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A Bit of Freshening Up in the Living Room

Kayd Roy5 Comments
Well, here's to hoping that the 3rd time is the charm when it comes to rugs in our living room.  We haven't had the best luck in the past with rugs (I blame our 2 rambunctious pups).  A couple weeks ago we started noticing that our 2nd rug wasn't looking so hot, and there seemed to be no amount of cleaning that could help it very much.  Sadie then sealed the deal when she got overly excited and piddled all over it.  So, I was on a hunt for rug #3.  At this point I just thought, I need something simple, durable, and lower in cost (in case I was going to throw it away in less than a year). So, I hit up Ikea and picked up the 5'5" x 7'7" Egeby rug for $79.99.  Here is how the living room is looking with it now.
In case you are wondering, this was what the living room looked like with rug #1
Here was rug #2
I'm really happy with the new rug, seems pretty sturdy and I love the natural woven look.
Here is a closer look at the texture and light linen binding around the edges.
Since I was taking pictures in the living room I thought I'd also show this guy again.  I got a lot of awesome comments in the post I wrote about this vintage Military Crate I found in an antique shop.  I even heard from a gal living in Kaiserslautern, Germany with her husband that is in the Air Force.  He said it might be a foot locker that soldiers would store their belongings in before being deployed.  I also got a comment tying in Magnolia, MN!  Isn't the blog community amazing!?!?!
Anyway for now we haven't decided on adding the legs or not, but I put a stack of vintage books on top and I think it is looking very nice in that corner of our living room.
Still not sure what I will store inside, but I am sure I will think of something! Time to go help Alex hang that window, we totally procrastinated this weekend :(