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Superbowl Party Planning. Game On.

Kayd RoyComment
I've been feeling bored/bland/uninspired lately, but thankfully the most unexpected thing came along and got my creative juices flowing again- Football!  Well not football specifically of course, you know I'm talking about Super Bowl Sunday and I've got some party planning to do!

Alex and I had been thinking about having a few friends over to watch the game but it was just yesterday during work that I got an text from him that said "I sent the invites out for Sunday. The game starts at 5:30 so I have it scheduled from 4:30-10:00."  Confirmed, Super Bowl party is on. I responded with a quick "Cool, I'll start pinning ideas!!!!"  Then he said something like "Don't over complicate things darling"  Ahhh my husband knows me all too well :)  But without any other big projects going on and a bad case of the winter-blahs, I was pumped to noodle on party ideas!  I also wanted to do a bit more than slapping a bunch of pizzas on our table like we did last year- nothing wrong with that either though!

I've been looking for food ideas, drinks, decor, and perhaps even a game during the game?  Curious about what I've been noodling on so far?  Here's a look!
Bingo game via Style Me Pretty  |  Beer Beverage Bin via Evite  |  Bloody Mary Bar via Southern Living  |  Wings, fries & butcher paper via Making it with Danielle  |  Beer tub & popcorn set up via Target  |  Wings & blue cheese dip via The Dinner Concierge  |  Home made kettle chips via William Meppem  |  Butcher paper & food bags via Party Frosting  |  
I'm totally loving the idea of using butcher paper or small paper bags for serving- with that, simple bar foods like wings, chips, pretzels, peanuts, fries, and some kind of dip (Super Bowl requires dips, not sure why but it just does) seems like a good plan and do-able for a person like me who hates cooking :)   My favorite though is the bingo game idea since commercials are a huge part of the whole Super Bowl experience and a little more interesting/interactive than just betting on the game.  What do you think?

I'll be sure to share pics from our little super bowl party to let you know how things turned out.  I admit that party planning and entertaining isn't a skill I've mastered yet :)  I always have fun with it, but things typically don't turn out the way I hoped or I end up scrambling at the last minute.   We'll see, wish me luck!

What do you think of the Super Bowl party ideas?

What other food, drink, game, or party decor ideas have you been inspired by for your own party?

Do you have any party planning or entertaining tips that might help me?  Please share if you do!