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A Look at Our Super Bowl Shindig

Kayd RoyComment
All of that party noodling I did last week seemed to pay off because we pulled together a pretty decent Super Bowl shindig yesterday and I think everyone had a great time!  Goodness knows Alex and I did because getting up at 6AM and heading into work this morning was pretty rough :)  Hope we're not alone on that feeling!  (AHEM) Anyway...

Here's a look at some of the set up, food, drinks, and good times that were had last night!
When it came to the food and drink set up, I chose to stick with using things like butcher paper, cutting boards, and chalkboard signs since they all kind of gave that classic gentleman's pub kind of feel.   I had a lot of fun doodling and writing on the butcher paper too!  To compliment the paper-y look, I cut down paper lunch bags to use for individual popcorn servings.
When it came to the drinks, I knew we were limited on space since we had to fit everything onto our sideboard but those four mini beverage tubs ended up working out great!  We used two of the tubs for beers and and the other two for make-your-own Bloody Mary and Margarita bars.  The chalkboard signs and dessert stand rounded out the sideboard- and who doesn't like some sweets with their drinks?!

That covers the food and drinks, so now that you're full and tipsy let's get to the party!
As you can see, the food probably had a better showing than the Denver Broncos :) and since they didn't make it to the end zone very much, Alex and I did our end zone touchdown dance for them.... Or  maybe we were just being idiots??!!??  I mentioned this morning was rough right?
In the end, we had a blast and I'm glad everything worked out!  Wonder if we'll host again in 2015, hmmmmm?

So how about you?
Did you host or attend a fun Super Bowl shindig too?  How did it go?
What were your favorite foods, drinks or games?
Lastly, I have to know if anyone else was hurting this morning too?

Why is the Super Bowl on a school night anyway?  Just seems like poor planning if you ask me!  Hope everyone had a fun night still, now it's time for me to catch some needed zzzzz's!