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Head Over Heels DIY Friday: FINALLY! A Silver Tray Wreath Tutorial!

Kayd Roy2 Comments
Today is a very exciting DIY Friday because I have a tutorial to share for something that really needed need one!  Back when I wrote about Bachman's 2011 Holiday Idea House, there was plenty of photos and plenty of ideas but the most popular by far was this Silver Tray Wreath.

Once this photo was pinned on Pinterest, we started seeing lots of traffic in our stats from it.  It's also the most frequent question I get asked in emails, "I found your Silver Tray Wreath on Pinterest but couldn't find a tutorial on how to make it, can you send it to me?" or "I love that Silver Tray Wreath, can you tell me how you made it?" 

Alex and I thought about taking a stab at making one, but we weren't able to ever find enough pretty Silver Trays to try making it with. After a while when I saw Silver Tray Wreath in an email subject line I would think, "ugh not another one!"  And not because the email bothered me (I love emails about blog stuff!), but because it was such a bummer to not be able to help or have an answer for anyone since I didn't make it.  But now, all of that will change because of a a great surprise I got in my inbox today!

Take a look at this DIY Silver Tray Wreath made by Alexis from Sweet Beginnings!

Back in November, she too sent me a Silver Tray Wreath email and as usual I gave her the bad news that there was no tutorial- but I also said at the end of the email, "If you make one let me know, I get asked about it all the time actually."  And wouldn't ya know it?  She replied back today letting me know that she made one and created a tutorial to go with!

Isn't it beautiful?  Hers looks just like the Bachman's one right?!?

The best part- she shows you how you can make one too! 

I can't give it all away, you will have to stop by Sweet Beginnings to see the full tutorial!  I know I am Head Over Heels for this project and to FINALLY have an answer for any future inquires about that wreath, LOL!

Thank you Alexis for letting me share this and for making that awesome wreath!

Have a great weekend everyone, I will update you on the Kitchen project soon!