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Head Over Heels DIY Friday: Monogrammed Table Runner

Kayd Roy6 Comments
Can you believe Thanksgiving is less than a week away?!?  Naturally, this week's DIY had to focus around some table decor! Take a look at the simple and stylish monogrammed table runner I made last night...
All it took to make it was a solid table runner (I used the reverse side of one I had at home), fabric paint, paint brush, and a stencil (or two) for the design. We had a metal "Z" stencil that I actually use for decor, but it worked perfectly to make our monogrammed Z. I printed and cut out a greek wreath pattern to use as a stencil around the Z.
I traced the stencils using a pencil and then filled in the design with gray fabric paint.  Super simple right?  
I still have to figure out my whole Thanksgiving tablescape, but I know I will be using this table runner to give our table a personalized "Z" family touch! 

Are you Head Over Heels for my DIY monogrammed table runner idea too?

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Tomorrow morning we'll be fighting the crowds at the grocery store for our turkey and other necessary Thanksgiving food goodies.  Are any of you going to be grocery shopping too?  I have to admit I am kind of scared :)  it's always a crazy crowd right?