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Head Over Heels DIY Friday: Thanksgiving Wall Art

Kayd Roy10 Comments
Hello and happy Friday everybody!
This week's DIY project is a sweet little sign I made to use along with my Thanksgiving dining decor...
I thought "Gather here with Grateful Hearts" was a perfect message for the spirit of Thanksgiving and it was SUPER easy to make!

I started by using some left over wood from our basement. I printed off the message on regular paper and lined it up where I thought it'd look best. 
 Once I was happy with the arrangement I started to cut the letters to make a stencil.  It is a little tricky but if you can get a good frame to trace that is all you need. 
 I used a pencil to trace the letters then, I grabbed my white craft paint & brush to get started on filling in the letters.
 I filled in the thicker letters with a medium brush and then used a very small brush for the little details.

It took around two hours to finish but totally worth it!  Take a look...
I love the heartfelt message and handmade look, just perfect for the upcoming holiday gatherings!

What do you think?
Are you Head Over Heels for this DIY?

What DIY decor are you coming up with for Thanksgiving?

My brain is on Thanksgiving decor, I might have another decor DIY next Friday too! 

I wanted to say thank you to everyone that left a comment on my last Vestibule "Scrap That" post.  It helped cheer me up and I loved some of the new ideas!  I'll be getting at it (again) this weekend but there should be some fun changes you'll see on the blog too!  Have a lovely weekend :)