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A Miracle Refresh for our Kitchen Grout!

Kayd Roy19 Comments
Hope that the grout in our kitchen floor could look clean and white once again!  Oddly enough, Diana & her family suffered from the exact same problem we had- dirty, nasty, can't-ever-get-it-clean white grout in our kitchen and even though we want to, we are no where ready to take on removing and replacing this flooring yet.

Now, I am embarrassed to show you these grout photos from our kitchen but you have to see them to get an idea of what we were dealing with. Hopefully by sharing my experience it might help someone else out that is dealing with a grout nightmare too! 
Isn't is awful?!? Shock. Horror.
We don't know when or who installed the tile in our kitchen since it was like that when we bought the house.  We tried every kind of product to get it clean or keep it clean and nothing worked, even when we tried to reseal it.  Our only temporary solution was crawling around on the floor with bleach and a toothbrush to get it pretty clean and whitened up- Which also made our house smell like a hotel pool and burned our eyes.  Gross...
  Sadly, the bleach clean only last a week and then it got all crudded up again (is crudded a word?).  It was so frustrating!  We cleaned the floor all the time and because of the grout, it would always just look dirty.

When I read Diana's post, I could only hope that we would have the same success if we gave that Grout Refresh a try.  Then last week when I found out my mom and a friend were coming to visit (which is usually when we'd reach for the bleach and a toothbrush for the grout) I ran to Menards instead and got a bottle of Mapei Grout Refresh for $10.98 and got to work. 

Now, I too am a believer... It's a Miracle!!!!

I couldn't be happier with the results!  Seriously, check out the before and after comparison...
I followed the directions and Diana's tips. Overall, it wasn't very hard to do, just kind of time consuming.  I did our kitchen along with the mini-bathroom, back entryway space, hallway that all connect the tile flooring.  It was true that you have to be careful not to get it on your tiles because it is hard to get it off.  I ended up crawling around on the floor with a file chipping off excess dry white refresh, but at least it did come off. 

  At least for now, I don't have to feel embarrassed when we have guests over, it really did help a lot!

Now the question is, how long will it last until the next refresh?

Have you used Mapei Grout Refresh before?  How long does it last?

Note: Just in case anyone wondered, nobody from Mapei contacted me or compensated me for this post.  I just had to try it and had to share my recommendation!  Love my floors now!