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Head Over Heels DIY Friday: Spooky Edition

Kayd Roy10 Comments
In honor of the scariest month of the year, I decided to go with a spooky themed DIY post each Friday this month.  With that I'm also thinking that I will just make my Friday series officially "Head Over Heels DIY Friday".  So you can always expect something DIY related at the end of the week! 

This week, me and a couple buddies put our heads together and came up with something bone-chilling...
... and yes, I know that was cheesy but I just had to :)

Anyway I found these skulls at Target for just $5.00!  I thought that was a steal and I figured I could make a scary Grim Reaper out of one!
All I used was a men's suit hanger, an old black pillowcase, an old black window shade, and black gauze we had from last Halloween.
I used the pillowcase to form the "body" of the Grim Reaper.  I cut a hole at the sewn end of the case and inserted the hanger inside allowing the hook to come out of the hole I made.
To attach the skull to the hanger (which is kind of the neck I guess?) I used scissors to cut into the plastic skull.  I could tell the bottom was hallow because it had a little circle mark on the underside, so that is what I stuck the scissors in.  Once the hole was made I inserted the hanger into the skull.
I used some thick athletic tape stuff to get the skull to prop up on the hanger.  It is kind of like a mini neck brace I guess?  To hang the whole Grim Reaper I just took an old wire hanger and bent it into shape while hooking the end under the men's suit hanger (which is the Grim Reaper's body/shoulders).
Once that was done I draped the old window shade around the Reaper's shoulders and draped the black gauze over top of the skull.
Not bad for only spending $5.00 on the skull right?  I thought it looked totally creepy and so did our pup Sadie, she kept barking at it once I hung it up!  Which gave me a great idea...
Alex wasn't home from work yet and I thought it would totally scare him if I hung it in the doorway of the garage!  So, I ran out to hang it up minutes before he was expected to arrive home... 
It totally looks like a person out there right? 

When I saw Alex pull up I quickly ran out to take a video.  I sat nearby waiting eagerly to see if the Grim Reaper would scare Alex, and well... it was SUPER disappointing.  Apparently Alex doesn't scare very easily at all and now I think I've started something that is only going to end with him getting back at me- but I DO scare easily.

Anyway, if you want to see the disappointment here is the video I took.  You can really just hear Sadie getting all excited because Alex is home...

 Ugh, it was such a bummer :(  To end on a positive note, at least Rocco was a sport about my Spooky DIY creation! 
Sadie, not so much.  As usual this one wouldn't cooperate with my photo shoot direction...
At least it's still cute!

What did you think of my Spooky DIY Grim Reaper?

Do you think it was lame Alex didn't get scared?

I'm heading to Buffalo, MN tomorrow to do some antiquing/junkin' and to visit the Occasional Shops that are open since it is the first weekend of the month!  It is my first trip out there but I've heard good things!  Let me know if you have any tips for a weekend Buffalo, MN trip!