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Red + Navy + Gold + Bitter Chocolate = Master Bedroom (x 1,000 More Fabulous)

Kayd Roy7 Comments
Now that we've shared our new Master Bedroom paint color, it's time to clue you in to our design scheme!

 Ready for... Bitter Chocolate with gold, bright red, and navy blue!?! 
It does sound crazy, BUT, how cute does this look?
It is funny, if anyone said to me "How about a dark brown with gold, bright red, and navy blue accents?" I would have thought it sounded awful.  But I can't think of anything more different and perfect for the room my husband and I share!
Here's our blank slate...
The whole idea started from an article in House Beautiful. They used the "simplicity of blues" with dark brown paneled walls. The image that struck me the most was the brown + geranium red photo at the bottom right.
House Beautiful
After seeing that, I found more images of dark browns with pops of red or navy blue...
Auction Decorating

Fun and different right???

 After reviewing everything together, Alex and I sorted out our to-do's for our room...

 New Items We Need:
Light Fixture/ Chandelier
Hardware for Dressers & Nightstands
Vintage French/ Formal Styled Chair (Hope to find one at a thrift store I can rehab on the cheap!)
Floor Rug
Decorative Framed Mirror
Pillow Covers
Throw Blanket
Ottoman/ Bench
Pendant lights to hang

Items We are Ditching:
Our bed frame (we're sick of it, and Rocco licks the metal foot board at night...super annoying!)
Lamps on our nightstands
The hardware on our dresser & nightstands
Small black leather storage ottoman

DIY Projects (tentative- pending what we find):
Making a headboard out of an old door in our basement
Find and redo a french/ formal styled chair
Sew window curtains
Remove hardware from dresser & nightstands and replace
Hanging lights above our nightstands
What do you think of our design inspiration?
Do you have any tips for us?

Obviously, we have A LOT to do!  Hope you will stick with us through this big project, wish us luck!