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Project Feature: DIY Entry Storage Ideas

Kayd Roy7 Comments
Today I have the great pleasure of featuring some great entry storage ideas thanks to my sister Holly and her handy hubby Brian (you might remember their DIY Built-Ins we featured in May)!

A couple days ago, they sent me an email with photos illustrating some storage ideas for their entryway....
This enterance is from their garage, so the door you see is the door to the garage (just for reference).  They have been wanting to add in a bench in this space for shoe storage along with something above it, but aren't sure which look to go for.

Want to help them decide?  Sure you do!!! Let's take a closer look at each option...

Option #1: A bench with cubbie spaces for baskets and a chalkboard with hooks above.

 Option #2: A bench with cubbies for baskets and wainscoting on wall.  This time the bench has a dark stained top which matches the wood color on the cabinet across from where the bench would go (see it in the right corner of the photo?).  With the wainscoting, they would add in hooks somewhere along the top of the trim.
Option #3: Same as Option 2 only with a white bench top.

A few things to consider:
  • All the trim in their house is white
  • Their cabinetry color & wood flooring is a dark wood stain
  • This space has tile flooring
  • There is no other wainscoting in their house
  • There is a floor cabinet and wall mounted cabinet across from where the bench would be (highlighted with arrows in photo below), and it might be tricky adding the wainscoting on that wall.  
That last one is probably the one they have the most concerns with.  Not only would it be difficult to install the wainscoting around the base cabinet and above it's countertop, it might end up looking awkward?

What do you think? 
Which option should they go with given all the considerations? 
Do you have any other suggestions for their entryway?
We would love to hear your thoughts or post a link to similar projects if you've completed one yourself!
Thanks to Holly and Brian for letting me share their project!